Transform your home’s outdoor space into a veritable oasis with a stunning patio for entertaining. Patio is a place for get-together and gaining experiences with your loved ones. With the experts at Zion Green Lawn Services, we will help to guide you through a design process to turn your visions into a breathtaking reality.


Retaining wall

Retaining walls are carefully designed and installed to help with management of ground slopes, prevention of flooding, and control of soil erosion. Whether you need a retaining wall installation or redesign for the outdoor living space or garden, our team can provide you a beautiful and functional retaining wall to fit your style and budget.


Decks, Fence

Decks are fantastic solution to extend the space of your home, where you can connect with family and friends or simply escape for some quiet relaxation. Fences are created not only to set up your property line but also to bring beauty, privacy and security to your home. Our builders can build decks or fences of all sizes to suit your needs.


Rocks, Tree, Sprinkler Sod, Chip Laying

Decorative rocks for gardens, dry riverbeds not only give a great visual interest but also add color, texture to your landscape.

Our team ensure each tree is in proper location based on its individual sun requirement, soil moisture, & color balance.

Sprinkler Sod preserve your lawn and increase the value of your home with a sprinkler system, you will explore more convenience than picking up a hose.

Chip Claying increases survival percentages in small trees and helps prevent damage to such plants in areas from erosion and heavy rainfalls.



Landscaping is an effective way making your property look beautiful and mesmerizing. With exceptional abilities in creating beautiful and sensual spaces, we can bring aesthetics and functionality together in order to fulfill your landscaping requirements and install the preferred style.


Pond/Fish Pond & Waterfall

Create the ponds and water features of your dreams by working with the trusted experts at Zion Green Lawn Services. We innovate extraordinary, sustainable, turnkey solutions for all types of pond/fish pond, waterfall or water feature projects. From design through completion, we can deliver the exceptional water features that you desire.